Download and Done?

Developing Long-Term Relationships with Your Mobile Customers


97.7% of all users give up a new mobile app within 30 days


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How to make sure your app is not just downloaded?

Today’s enterprise mobile environment isn’t evolving; it’s moving at warp speed. Gone are the days when vanity metrics, such as downloads mattered. Creating loyalty and fostering engagement from mobile customers is critical to the success of any organization wishing to drive revenue from their mobile presence.

“Download and Done?” provides mobile marketers with the fundamentals to take mobile engagement beyond the initial download, and use every engagement as an opportunity to strengthen the relationship between the brand and the customer.


Covered in this white paper :

1. Becoming mobile first

2. High cost of courting new customers (compared to retaining existing ones)

3. Getting beyond vanity metrics and measuring what matters

4. Five Levels of Mobile Engagement

5. Taking the plunge

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