Mobile Marketing Automation : The Future of Marketing


86% of consumers believe personalization influences their purchasing decisions, according to a Infosys study. Discover how!


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Overview EBook MMA Future of Mobile Engagement 2

How can marketing automation simplify your life?

Connecting with your customers using highly personalized 1:1 content in context is becoming the most important way for a business to succeed in a world dominated by mobile devices. But how can you do it? And how can you ensure it’s part of a consistent user experience?

Recently Forrester Research described Mobile Marketing Automaton as a new category of essential software that CMOs and marketers will need going forward and as critical as marketing automation was ten years ago. No doubt, marketers who jump on this early will gain competitive advantage.


This white paper explains the four key things you should know about how to make mobile marketing part of an omnichannel experience:

1. Why the future of mobile marketing is engagement

2. The power of personalization and context for your business

3. An easy way to connect mobile marketing to your existing marketing stack

4. The essential features of a Mobile Marketing Automation solution

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