The Problem With Push

Creating relevant Push Messaging that Engages rather than Alienates your Users


Highly targeted Push drive 293% more response on average than broadcast messages


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Overview EBook The Problem With Push 2

Personalized, contextualized messages... what are the keys of a successful campaign?

Mobile marketing has changed the way we do business and connect with current and prospective customers. But in our hurry to embrace this new medium, we as marketers have had a tendency to over-enthusiastically adopt counter-productive tactics.

As powerful as push can be, overuse has caused 80% of mobile users to turn off most notifications.


This white paper provides a roadmap for personalized, timely and relevant push messaging that engages rather than alienates your users :

1. The road to smarter mobile engagement

2. How to avoid "App-athy"

3. Creating highly effective Push campaigns through intelligent targeting

4. Using CRM data to power Push

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